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Vineyard & Berry Farm Bird Control

Have birds come to your vineyard for free tastings? Have they brought all their family and friends for berry picking? If the birds have come to peck, it’s time to pick up the WhirlyBird Repeller. This industry-leading device offers humane and effective vineyard bird control in a compact, affordable design.

The WhirlyBird Repeller—Your Vineyard Bird Deterrent

Keep the birds away before they settle into your vineyard or berry farm. Most effective as a preventive device, the WhirlyBird Repeller combines multiple bird scaring methods including auditory and visual stimuli for effective vineyard bird control. It’s durable, affordable and entirely wind-powered, producing a number of randomized, continually changing effects that reinforce its predatorial presence to pest birds.

Do you have an especially tricky bird problem? No worries! We’re always happy to help you troubleshoot for your specific needs and come up with the best strategies to use our product.

Common Pest Bird Species

While each fruit will attract different bird species, these pest birds make up the Most Wanted list:Because many bird species are migratory, they know just what season they like to visit your farm. Unfortunately, even if birds are only passing through for a month or so, they can easily ruin a whole year’s worth of work. Birds typically feed on grapes and berries right before your crop reaches maturity, just before they’re ready to be picked.

  • Vineyards typically attract robins, starlings, mockingbirds, finches and blackbirds
  • Berry farms will attract these birds along with orioles, catbirds, woodpeckers, turkeys, bluebirds and other thrushes

Note that the WhirlyBird Repeller may not be effective against all of these species in every locale, and scaring the birds from your property is more difficult once they’ve become domesticated. Understanding these difficulties, we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. Give the WhirlyBird a whirl, and if it doesn’t work out for your specific situation, you can send it back to us for a refund.

Pest Bird Problems

bird eating berryAlong with insect pests, birds are one of the biggest problems for vineyards and berry farms, bringing with them a whole flock of problems. When left unchecked, pest birds can:

  • Weaken the integrity of your vines and decimate crops
  • Leave holes in fruit they don’t eat, ruining a greater percentage of the crop
  • Damage equipment with droppings, nesting and pecking
  • Annoy patrons and visitors

All of these problems can be especially difficult if your farm is a popular wedding destination or tourist attraction. To make matters worse, your patrons may be encouraging the winged visitors by feeding them. Either way, once the birds have settled in, it’s even more difficult to keep them away. That’s why the WhirlyBird Repeller is most effective as a preventive berry farm bird control device.

Order your WhirlyBird Repeller, and get your crop back!