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The WhirlyBird Repeller is a simple solution for a range of commercial and residential bird deterrent uses. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying! 

Featured Testimonials

Cliff Cheung

Prior to finding WhirlyBird we have tried numerous bird control deterrents, most of which were largely ineffective and extremely costly. I had also questioned the safety of implementing such systems for our residents along with the birds. We had birds which would dive bomb on our residents which could potentially cause them physical harm or to drop their belongings. After implementing the WhirlyBird on our property we no longer have the problem and both our residents are happy and the birds are no longer nuisance at our property. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to find an economically efficient and environmentally safe manner to protect their property and most importantly their residents. Thank you so much!

Cliff Cheung, Manager, WNM Associates, Los Angeles, CA


US Coast Guard Successfully Tested The Whirlybird Repeller On Its Navigational Aids


During the fourteen months from August 2004 to October 2005, ANT Georgetown tested a bird deterrent device created by a local company, Whirlybird Solutions. The “WhirlyBird Repeller” is designed to rotate in the wind, which causes noise and excessive movement that scare birds.

ANT Charleston installed the WhirlyBird on several aids with a history of outages caused by excessive guano that they had been visiting at least once a quarter for the last three years to recharge the aid and clean the solar panel.

Since the WhirlyBirds were installed, there has not been a single discrepancy related to excessive guano on those aids. The significant decrease in discrepancy response has allowed the ANTs to conduct more annual services and asset maintenance. For more information about the WhirlyBird, visit their website.

Fred Wichmann

I had a WhirlyBird Repeller installed on my dock about two years ago. Prior to this, I had experienced considerable intrusions by various bird-pests alighting in the rigging of my forty-five-foot sailboat’s sixty-foot mast and depositing their droppings over my vessel and dock.

During the past two years, I have been completely spared this considerable annoyance due to the definite effectiveness of this device. Having lived around salt water all my life, and having been Commodore of the James Island Yacht Club, as well as past Commander of the United States Power Squadrons, I do express my opinions from a knowledgeable background and from experience with bird problems in the marine environment.

The WhirlyBird Repeller works!

Most sincerely,

Fred Wichmann, Sr.

SeaFox Boat Company, Inc.

In the summer of 2007, we had a large seagull infestation around our manufacturing facility. There were several hundred birds that were a real nuisance. I tried several solutions with no results. I was then referred to WhirlyBird Solutions. I installed 10 Whirlybird Repellers on my 200,000 square-foot building, and the birds went away immediately. I was delighted at this sight. I would recommend using this product to anyone who needs an immediate solution to help with nuisance birds.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Nemeth
VP Operations
SeaFox Boat Company, Inc. 

Irvin House Vineyards

The WhirlyBird Repeller works so well, Irvin-House Vineyards actually includes a discussion of this device during its wine tasting tours. After we had picked all the grapes we could use, we removed the WhirlyBirds from the vineyard. Within three days of this removal, the crows and blackbirds were back and helped clear out the bad and leftover fruit and proceeded to clean up the vineyard.          

The use of the WhirlyBird Repeller resulted in a dramatic increase in production, with an overall 15 to 20% greater yield during the summer of 2006 and an even greater yield during the summer of 2007. In fact, our yield for the past two summers with the WhirlyBirds has exceeded our capacity, allowing us to sell our remaining crop to home winemakers.

Jim Irvin, Owner, Irvin House Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island, SC 

Lutz Berry Farm      

 have a very small high-density Blueberry Farm located in South Georgia. We have always had problems with birds migrating up during harvest and causing damage to the fruit. The birds typically come in small flocks from 50 to 75 birds and hang around through harvest and then migrate North. The biggest threat with the birds in high-density Blueberries is that you have a relatively large amount of fruit concentrated in a small area. I have tried several different things in the past to prevent them from coming into the field. I have used fake hawks, different colored tape tied to the overhead sprinklers, and used shotgun sounds to try and keep them out of the field.

This year I put 30 WhirlyBird Repellers placed at different heights scattered over a 6-acre field. I concentrated them a little more towards the areas that the birds typically light. The WhirlyBird Repellers were placed on top of ¾ galvanized pipes at heights anywhere from 6ft to 8.5ft. I was amazed at the results that I got. One morning I watched a flock drop into the field and within a few minutes, they left and never came back. I kept looking for them to come back at any time because they always do. It did not happen. This is the first year that I can honestly say that I did not see any bird damage. You have a product that really works and I thank you for it.


Eric Lutz
Lutz Berry Farm

Angie And Sammy Hood

We live near the Tail Race Canal (Cooper River but Moncks Corner end) so we have a lot of bird traffic. We have in our yard a Koi pond which is out in the open. Between the Koi pond and our bird feeders, we have numerous songbirds in our yard. Before I installed the WhirlyBird Repeller, I had problems with hawks attacking and killing the birds perched and drinking from our Koi Pond Waterfall. We would find feathers from the bird kills on a regular basis and we wanted to find a way to protect the birds by keeping them away from our Koi pond and out of harm's way. We also wanted to protect the Koi by keeping birds away from the pond.

We heard about the WhirlyBird Repeller through the Charleston Showa Koi Club, and we were given the opportunity to test one out. Since we installed the WhirlyBird Repeller in December 2007, we have not seen any hawks land in our yard, nor have we seen any feathers piled up in our yard. As for the eagles, egrets, and heron, I do not see them flying as low to the house as they used to and I still have all 38 Koi in my pond. Attached is a picture showing the WhirlyBird Repeller mounted next to our pond.Thanks for such a wonderful invention that will save my Koi and backyard birds.For all those reading these testimonials, the WhirlyBird Repeller really works!

Angie and Sammy Hood Moncks Corner, SC

Roger and Taren Scott

We live in rural Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and grow many vegetables and fruits in our yard and gardens. We planted Navajo thornless blackberries along the fence that defines our driveway. The plants took off and have been very robust, but we have competed with the birds for years for the fruit. These plants produce giant thumb-sized succulent blackberries by the gallon. We have six cats and they help deter the birds; we tried nylon netting and diligent daily harvesting, but nothing seemed to keep the birds from stealing at least half of the blackberries. Have you priced blackberries at the grocery store? I guarantee you they cost much more per pound than beef, or even lamb and veal!

At our wits ends to stop the birds, we finally discovered the website for The Whirlybird! We put one whirlybird on the top of a fence-post in the very middle of the blackberries and the birds have disappeared! They are freaked out by the motion, the sound, the reflections of light. Our retired neighbor chopped down a cherry tree on his land because he said the birds always beat him to the fruit and he had huge flocks in his yard when the cherries were perfectly ripe. We told him about the whirlybird and he was sorry he didn’t try the whirlybird first! it’s effortless! Once that thing starts spinning, your crops are safe. Our cats hunt rodents now since the birds have all but disappeared. Whirlybird is the modern scarecrow!


Roger and Taren Scott

Terrace Theatre

WhirlyBirds have been used successfully to keep birds from roosting in the marquee at the Terrace Theatre in Charleston, SC. Prior to installation of the WhirlyBirds, birds continuously roosted in the marquee’s neon sign, causing it to short out, resulting in hundreds of dollars in damages. Installation of the WhirlyBirds solved the problem.

John Burrow
Terrace Theater Technical Manager

L. G. Hanscom Field

Laurence G. Hanscom Field, a general aviation airport in Bedford, Massachusetts, found the WhirlyBird Repeller to be an effective deterrent with roosting birds on our elevated light poles. Previously, bird activity on and around the light poles presented us with an issue with corrosive droppings on vehicles and aircraft. The WhirlyBird Repeller device, when attached to the top of the light poles, is an energy and maintenance free solution that works for us. We have additional units that we move about the airfield to act as an additional deterrent. We are pleased with the effectiveness of the WhirlyBird Repeller so far! 


Keith Leonhardt
Airport Operations Shift Manager
L.G. Hanscom Field