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Seagull Deterrent Product - WhirlyBird Repeller

seagulls in parking lot

Seagulls flock quickly and can leave quite a mess. They can carry diseases, which become an even bigger threat knowing that most seagulls have become accustomed to human interaction, emboldened to get up close and personal with your food. And that’s not mentioning the droppings, the loose feathers, and debris. Keep those pesky birds off your property with the WhirlyBird Repeller, an effective seagull deterrent product.


The WhirlyBird is a multifaceted seagull repeller. Rather than focusing on only one bird scare tactic, the WhirlyBird employs multiple methods to tackle your seagull problems from all angles:

  • It spins, vibrates and wobbles in the wind
  • It has a holographic post that reflects sunlight
  • It produces sounds that mimic wings beating
  • It has the shape and size of seagull’s natural predator, the Peregrine Falcon

The WhirlyBird’s movement is based on the strength and direction of the wind, and its holographic post reflects the sunlight differently depending on the sun’s location and the cloud coverage. That means that the effects it produces are continually changing. And that keeps the birds on their toes. It’s difficult for the birds to get acclimated to this seagull deterrent product. Birds are smart and get used to routines, so the WhirlyBird’s randomized features offer a proven defense.



Seagulls are everywhere. Protect what’s yours:

  • Restaurant Owners – Seagulls love to snag snacks. If you have an outdoor patio, expect some winged freeloaders. Read more about protecting your restaurant from birds here.
  • Boat Owners – Seagulls may be willing to live almost anywhere, but the ocean is their first home. They’d love to perch and even nest on your boat. Read more about bird deterrents for boats here.
  • Homeowners – Seagulls can nest in the trees on your property or even on your roof and gutters. Seagulls transmit cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic disease, and can contaminate food and water with E. coli. Read more about residential bird control here.
  • Pools. Are seagulls treating your property like their own personal wading pool? The WhirlyBird can help. Read more about pool bird deterrents here.


If seagulls are adding stress to your life, it’s time to order the WhirlyBird Repeller!