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Pool Bird Deterrent

We all know pools can be a lot of work, from opening and closing it each season to keeping it clean and regulating the chemical levels. All that fun and relaxation comes at a price, right? Unfortunately, pools can also attract a host of critters including bugs, squirrels, frogs, and—you guessed it—birds. If you have some uninvited feathered guests dropping in, turning your water fowl, it’s time to try an innovative pool bird deterrent: the WhirlyBird Repeller!

How It Works

The key to keeping birds out of your pool is to prevent them from visiting in the first place. Birds are adaptable animals—and clever too! To keep the birds on their toes (and out of your pool), we’ve developed a multi-method device. The WhirlyBird keeps the birds guessing with:

  • Predator Size & Shape. Its Peregrine falcon appearance intimidates birds, reminding them of natural predators
  • Light. Its reflective surfaces disorient birds and discourage them from landing.
  • Motion & Sound. Its movements and sounds mimic the beating of wings, reinforcing the idea that the area is unsafe.

Best of all, the WhirlyBird Repeller is humane. Its multiple scaring methods help keep the birds away without harming them.

Pool Bird Problems & Solutions

Birds can be disruptive with their noise. Their feathers are a hassle to skim out of your pool. Their germs are also a concern, especially if you have kids. If you’ve been finding frequent bird droppings in the water, we can help. For best results:

  • Implement the WhirlyBird Repeller before birds have nested near your pool
  • Remove all feeders and food sources near your pool
  • Try multiple WhirlyBirds throughout your yard, depending on its size
  • Change their location regularly to keep birds from adapting to them

In some situations, your bird problem may take a bit of patience and creativity. Luckily, we’re always happy to help you troubleshoot.

It’s Your Summer, Not Theirs

The WhirlyBird Repeller can help you get your R&R back. Order today!