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Pest Bird Management Device For Multiple Species

We understand firsthand just how bothersome and harmful a bird invasion can be. That’s why we created the WhirlyBird Repeller—a safe, affordable and most importantly effective pest bird management device that’s perfect for scaring away many common nuisance bird species. Whatever bird problem you’re dealing with, it’s time to give the WhirlyBird a whirl!

Common Bird Problems

Pest birds cause many problems that are just as diverse as the species themselves. Nests built on electrical equipment can result in fires and serious blackouts. Corrosive bird feces can damage your property and breed fungi that can lead to serious health issues. Loud birds can disturb your peace—and your sleep. And many businesses, ranging from farms and cafes to industrial operations and government facilities can be seriously impacted by birds as well.

Your Bird Control Solution

Repelling Birds That Have NestedWhether you’re hoping to return to a tranquil bird-free life at your home or if you need to solve a serious bird problem for your business, luckily there’s a solution. The WhirlyBird Repeller is effective against a wide variety of bird species including woodpeckers, seagulls, black birds, grackles, crows and other nuisance birds. If you’ve got pest birds, we’ve got a great pest bird management solution!

Repelling Birds That Have Nested

Like many animals on planet Earth, birds are highly territorial. Once they establish their territory, birds like to do all the things that lead to the production of more birds (Google “the birds and the bees” for more information). Notably, it’s very difficult to repel birds that have already nested in the vicinity of the area you wish to protect. In fact, birds will risk life and limb to protect their nest, especially after they have laid their eggs. Therefore, it is always better to mount the WhirlyBird before the birds have nested. 

Where birds have already nested, one's first reaction may be to remove the nests. However, it is illegal to remove or otherwise disturb a nest of any protected bird species without a permit. Even where a nest is legally removed, a bird may automatically go about rebuilding. One option would be to remove the nest and install the WhirlyBird immediately after the nest has been abandoned. In situations where you wish to repel birds that are actively nesting, it may become necessary to employ other methods in addition to the WhirlyBird to reinforce to the birds that the WhirlyBird is boss. Additional methods may include stringing fishing line in the birds’ flight path and/or using sonic devices that emit the sound of a Peregrine Falcon.   

How It Works

Many nuisance bird species share common predators. Among these predators, the peregrine falcon is one of the most intimidating. That’s why we chose it as the model for our pest bird mitigation device. The WhirlyBird Repeller is designed to be about the same size and shape as this infamous predator. And when the wind blows, the WhirlyBird will mimic the sound and motion of beating wings—scaring any lesser bird clear away from your property.

But the WhirlyBird is more than a falcon-sized windchime. One of the key factors of effective bird control is that it’s necessary to continually mix up your strategies and tactics to keep the birds from getting used to any devices you may be using. The WhirlyBird Repeller does just that. It constantly moves in the wind and reflects light in a random and unpredictable manner that makes its disguise extremely convincing. This continually changing action disorients birds and scares them off while preventing them from adapting to it.

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Not sure what birds species are giving you trouble? Explore our nuisance bird resources across this site, or give us a call. We can help you troubleshoot your specific situation and offer recommendations to keep the birds away.