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Garden Bird Deterrent

Every early-riser cherishes the sound of a bird singing. But that same little fella could be the downfall of your new garden. Birds love to chow down on ripening berries, tasty corn seedlings, and a whole host of garden goodies. Sure, there’s the old-fashioned scarecrow solution... But these hay-filled folks have not been very effective for garden bird control. The WhirlyBird Repeller can protect your garden and let you enjoy the fruits and veggies without sharing with the birds.

How It Works

Birds are smart. They get acclimated to scare devices that don’t move or that continue to move in a predictable pattern. Taking this into account, the WhirlyBird Repeller is designed to incorporate multiple scare tactics in a single device:

  • Predator size and shape with menacing eyes
  • Spins, wobbles and vibrates in the wind
  • Reflects sunlight with holographic materials

The best part? The movements and sound are constantly changing in a randomized manner. This helps to prevent birds from adapting to the device. Plus, our garden bird deterrent is humane—it won’t hurt the birds.

Keep Your Garden Gorgeous

Gardens are more than just a place to grow food. They’re also lovely green spaces that soothe the soul. The WhirlyBird, will fit right in among your cherries, herbs and onion greens. It can be a cute, quirky addition to any garden area—while getting the job done.

The Fruits Of Your Labor

Nurture your seedlings and watch your garden thrive, knowing the WhirlyBird Repeller can keep those feathery friends from feasting on the fruits of your labor. Made in the U.S.A, this device is used all over the globe, wherever birds are unwelcome. Get your WhirlyBird Repeller today!