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Crow Deterrent Product - WhirlyBird Repeller

Though crows feast on certain invasive insects—actually helping gardeners and farmers—they will also munch on your crops. Their most frustrating contribution, however, is that they can form large roosts, resulting in piles of nesting debris and droppings. Their noise pollution can also be substantial, tending to be loudest right before dawn. If you can relate, you need an effective crow deterrent product. It’s time to try the WhirlyBird Repeller.


The WhirlyBird Repeller may be the most versatile crow repellent on the market. Why? Because of its multifaceted approach incorporating multiple bird scaring methods:

  • Movement. The WhirlyBird spins, wobbles and vibrates in the wind.
  • Sound. The WhirlyBird produces sounds as it spins that mimic wings beating.
  • Fear Factor. The WhirlyBird is made to resemble crows’ most feared predator, the Peregrine Falcon.
  • Light. The WhirlyBird’s holographic post reflects and scatters sunlight to startle and scare birds.
  • Humane. The WhirlyBird does not harm the birds. It is designed only to scare them away from your property.

All birds are smart, but crows are near the top in terms of intelligence. That means they can become quickly acclimated to typical decoys and other stationery deterrents. The WhirlyBird is different, incorporating multiple scare tactics in a single device that are completely randomized and constantly changing. This helps to prevent crows from adapting to it.

Other Things To Consider


Crows are attracted to food waste, so make sure that all of your trash cans have a secure lid on them and that your compost is covered. It’s also important to feed your pets indoors or make sure to monitor them and remove any leftover food. If you like having bird feeders for small songbirds, make sure they are designed to keep big birds out, and clean up any loose feed below.

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On the hunt for a great crow deterrent product? You’ve come to the right place. The WhirlyBird Repeller can help to keep your property crow-free while also repelling a number of other nuisance bird species. Shop now!