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Cell & Electrical Tower Bird Deterrents

It’s remarkable the types of places birds are attracted to—and some can create problems. This is certainly the case with cell and electrical towers. Luckily, there is a solution. By combining multiple auditory and visual deterrent methods, the WhirlyBird Repeller is an effective, humane, and affordable cell and electrical tower bird deterrent.

How Does It Work?

The WhirlyBird Repeller combines numerous bird scaring effects in one effective device:

  • Predator size and design, modeled to mimic a peregrine falcon
  • Menacing yellow eyes
  • Wind-powered movement that constantly changes
  • Wobbling effect that produces sounds similar to the flapping of predator’s wings
  • Sounds and vibrations that constantly change
  • Holographic labels that scatters sunlight

These constantly changing scare effects make the WhirlyBird Repeller a versatile and effective long-term solution as a cell and electrical tower bird deterrent.

Cell & Electrical Tower Bird Hazards

Bird droppings, feathers, and nests can damage equipment and cause unpleasant and occasionally unsafe working conditions for communication tower technicians. But you cannot always simply remove a bird that has made its home on a tower. According to the Migratory Bird Act, it is illegal to disturb protected species. The best approach is to prevent the birds from nesting in the first place.

Humane Solutions

Keep the birds where they belong: in the skies—flapping and happy—and away from communication towers! The WhirlyBird Repeller is tested and trusted, used by American Tower, Universal Tower, Betacom, Metcom, T-Mobile, and more.

All of our products are made in the USA, manufactured from durable UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel, creating a durable, cost-effective bird repeller for cell and electrical towers.

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