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Blackbird Deterrent - WhirlyBird Repeller


Blackbirds are some of the most aggressive birds in nature. They’ll swoop in and take over other birds’ existing nests. They’ll set up shop in your gutters, overhanging trees, anywhere they can fit a nest—and they have become very acclimated to urban living. Blackbirds love to pick at crops, squawk at all hours of the day, and their droppings carry diseases. If these pest birds are causing problems for you, it’s time to invest in an effective blackbird deterrent product. Try the WhirlyBird Repeller!


Blackbirds are aggressive and smart. That’s a dangerous combination. To prevent them from getting bold or catching on to your scare tactics, you need a black bird repellent that utilizes multiple black bird scarer techniques. The WhirlyBird has you covered:

  • Shape and size of a Peregrine Falcon, the blackbird’s natural predator
  • Spins, wobbles and vibrates in the wind
  • Produces sounds that mimic wings beating
  • Reflects and scatters sunlight with a holographic post

Keeping blackbirds away has never been easier! Simply set up the WhirlyBird Repeller somewhere with a prevailing wind, and witness the results. The Whirlybird’s motion and reflective properties are based on nature—wind for movement and sun for reflection—ensuring randomized patterns of movement, light and sound. This helps prevent birds from getting accustomed to the device.


You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal about blackbirds?” Well, blackbirds are the most populous bird species in North America. They cause an estimated $200 million of damage to crops and livestock annually. So anyone farming—from small backyard gardens to vast commercial properties—needs to be aware of blackbirds.

And if you’re not a farmer, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Blackbird droppings and nesting materials carry bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites, all of which can bring serious diseases, including salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.


Protect yourself, your family and your property by ordering a proven blackbird deterrent. Get the WhirlyBird Repeller today!