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Bird Scarer For Roofs & Terraces

Pest birds can be costly for your business, and they can make roof repairs a nightmare with their feathers and mess. Whether you’ve tried other bird scarers for your roof or are looking for preemptive measures, it’s time to try the WhirlyBird Repeller.

Multiple Scaring Methods In One Device

If you’re looking for a roof bird scarer, you’ve probably come across some of the most popular products, such as decoys, reflective tape, or even auditory devices. The tricky thing about birds, however, is that they’re quick to adapt. With just a single scare device, the birds are more likely to regain their bravery over time, leading you back to square one.

The WhirlyBird Repeller is different, because it combines each of these methods into one effective and highly versatile device, featuring:

  • Predator-size and shape, modeled after the peregrine falcon
  • Randomized motion and sound
  • Highly reflective body and label, with predatory eyes

Employing each of these methods in a continually random pattern, the WhirlyBird Repeller is great for long-term use, always keeping the birds on their toes. Plus, changing its location regularly can make it even harder for birds to adapt!

Common Rooftop Bird Problems

Clog gutters and other drainage systems with feathers and droppingsBirds are some of the worst upstairs neighbors! When they settle on your roof or terrace, they:

  • Can cause damage to your roofing materials with corrosive droppings
  • Build nests that can disrupt HVAC and other systems, even causing electrical problems
  • Release their droppings onto vehicles and pedestrians below (Bombs away!)

Any combination of these issues can make a roof an issue with costly repairs and hazardous conditions. The WhirlyBird Repeller offers an affordable solution before the birds become a problem!

Bird-Proof Your Roof

Soon, you’ll be thankful for a bird-free roof over your head. If you’ve got a particularly tough flock of problems, we’re always available to help you troubleshoot your specific situation. We’ll help you come up with the best ways to use our product to keep your roof bird free.

Order the WhirlyBird Repeller today!