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Bird Deterrent For Boats

We could make a joke about a poop deck, but that would be too easy. The bottom line is that bird feathers, nests and droppings can bring a boatload of problems for boat owners. Whether you enjoy boating as a regular hobby, a professional occupation, or for seasonal recreation, birds can add many unwanted hours to your to-do list. Take back the captain’s hat with the WhirlyBird Repeller, the innovative bird deterrent for boats!

How It Works

The WhirlyBird Repeller combines several methods proven to deter birds in one convenient, affordable, and humane device. It’s a perfect boat bird repeller, because it is entirely wind-powered, creating continually changing auditory and visual stimulation to reinforce its predatorial effects on nuisance birds. The WhirlyBird Repeller incorporates several key bird scaring tactics, including:

  • Predator size and shape, resembling the peregrine falcon
  • Bright predatory yellow eyes
  • Disorienting reflective label and body
  • Random motion, light reflections and sound

For best results, use the WhirlyBird Repeller before birds settle in and establish nests. The Whirlybird Repeller needs to be mounted high and plumb to effectively do its job. 

Setting Up The WhirlyBird On Your Boat

It’s easy to mount the WhirlyBird on top of a piling using the included mount and extension pole. The key is to mount it high. When pilings are not an option, longer lengths of PVC pipe are readily available at home improvement and hardware stores. Some of our customers have also easily mounted it to their boats using a rod holder. It can be hung from above as well. The inventor has one mounted on the top of the mast of his sailboat and has found it to be extremely effective!

Solve Your Bird Problems

Preventing droppings and stains on canvas and other surfacesIt’s no secret that boats require a lot of maintenance. Save your time and energy for the things that matter most. Whether your boat stays in a public or private dock, incorporating the WhirlyBird Repeller can help solve a number of bird-related issues, such as:

  • Keeping your docks and boats slip-free
  • Allowing you to enjoy more time on the water and less clean up

Fair Winds & Following Seas

Your boat clean and bright—a sailor’s delight! Get your boat and dock looking clean and bright with the WhirlyBird Repeller. Made in the USA with high quality materials and a durable design, this device is among the best bird deterrents for boats, season after season. Order today!