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WhirlyBird Bird Control Methods – How It Works

Don’t underestimate birds. They are really smart! We came to understand this the hard way, as we struggled for years to get the birds off of our docks. Eventually, we decided to take a stand. We studied the most effective bird control methods and created a device that combines multiple bird repelling strategies into a single budget-friendly unit—the WhirlyBird Repeller. Learn more about birds and the key principles behind the WhirlyBird Repeller that make it so effective!

Birds Are More Intelligent Than You Think

Birds feed and nurture their young and are successful in getting them to leave the nest without incurring any private school and college debt. They’re able to migrate south for the winter without the use of Google Maps, and they spend winters in places like Florida without paying exorbitant hotel rates or condo regime fees. They’re also good at communicating and can do so without smart phones. Most importantly for our review, they are territorial and will constantly test and challenge anything in their territory that poses a potential threat. Once they figure out that a foreign object does not pose a threat, they ignore it.

So what can you do to outsmart the birds?

Key Principles In Repelling Birds

Understanding the psychology and habits of birds is crucial to keeping them away from your property. Here are the key principles and bird control methods that went into the making of the WhirlyBird Repeller, one of the most effective bird control devices on the market today:

  • Don’t underestimate them. They were here on earth before us and will be around after we are long gone.
  • Birds are naturally afraid of certain things, such as birds of prey that forage on other birds. This is why we’ve made the WhirlyBird Repeller to resemble the shape and size of the Peregrine Falcon.
  • Birds sometimes become acclimated (accustomed) to people. If acclimated to people, it is especially hard to repel birds, because they’re accustomed to our species making a lot of racket. We see this with geese, ducks and pigeons. Unless you want them to stick around, don’t feed them or try to domesticate the birds.
  • Birds also become acclimated to scare devices that do not move or that move in a particular pattern. The two things that constantly change in the environment (besides the weather and the value of your 401-K) is the wind and sunlight. The WhirlyBird spins and vibrates in the wind, and it scatters sunlight in randomized patterns. This continually changing movement keeps the birds from getting used to it.
  • Birds are more likely to be repelled where the scare tactics are reinforced. In nature, the presence of a Peregrine Falcon is reinforced by birds actually being attacked while in flight and becoming falcon food. Here at WhirlyBird Solutions, we like birds and wish only to repel nuisance birds without harming them. The WhirlyBird Repeller spins and wobbles in the wind and reflects sunlight, all of which constantly change in a random manner. Its holographic post creates changing light even when it’s not spinning. Seeing and hearing is believing. No other single bird control product provides all of these features—and each feature reinforces to the other birds that the WhirlyBird Repeller is not one to tangle with.
  • Some situations may require a proactive strategy. To keep the birds on their guard and reinforce that there is danger, it may become necessary to change the location and height of the WhirlyBird over time—or to take it down when birds are not an issue. In some situations, it may become necessary to bring in additional reinforcements, like more WhirlyBirds—or to add other tactics like stringing fishing line in the birds’ flight paths and/or adding a sonic sound device that mimics the cry of a Peregrine Falcon.
  • There are seasonal, migratory, and food-related factors at play. For example, we have found that when birds are migrating, they may be more difficult to deter due to greater competition for space and food. We especially see this in the Fall months.
  • Birds are wild creatures. That means that there is a certain level of unpredictability. What may work to repel a particular kind of bird along the South Carolina coast may not work against that same kind of bird along the California Coast. That is why you should make sure the bird repellent product you purchase offers a money back guarantee. We offer a 45 day money back guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

Trust WhirlyBird For Effective Bird Control

There is no one single feature to solve a bird problem, but there is a single product that can—the WhirlyBird Repeller. The WhirlyBird combines several bird control methods within a single device! It looks like a peregrine falcon, it spins with the changing wind, it makes various sounds with the spinning and vibrating—clacking and wobbling to mimic birds wings beating—and it reflects sunlight, all in a random and constantly changing manner. Ready to get the birds off of your property?

Order your WhirlyBird Repeller today!

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Don't Buy This Product If...

  • You have domesticated the birds by feeding them.
  • You don’t have a prevailing breeze or wind.
  • Birds have grown accustomed to being around people.
  • There is no open area available for mounting the WhirlyBird.
  • You are not willing to experiment. Customers may sometimes need to move it around to find that “sweet spot” where it is most effective.