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WhirlyBird Bird Control Products – Beyond Visual Bird Deterrents

Established in 2007, WhirlyBird Solutions, LLC, is located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, USA. We enjoy developing simple solutions to complex problems. This site is dedicated to our popular bird control product, the WhirlyBird Repeller, which goes above and beyond typical visual bird deterrents to deliver a comprehensive bird control solution for your property.

About The WhirlyBird Repeller

Since Peregrine Falcons hunt and forage on birds, it seemed logical that birds would see them as a threat. We implemented this predator design in our bird control products, giving the WhirlyBird Repeller the size and shape of a peregrine falcon, as well as a pair of eyes that let the other birds know who’s boss.We were having problems with birds on our boats and docks, tried numerous products, and found that none of them really worked. We realized that the solution had to involve something that appeared to the birds to be a threat. But that wasn’t enough. It also had to constantly change in a random manner to keep the birds from becoming habituated to it. We needed to create a device that could scare the birds away and keep them from getting used to it.

Then we had to figure out a way to make it change constantly, keeping the birds on their toes. We realized that there are two things in nature that constantly change—wind and sunlight—and we created a design to capitalize on these. The WhirlyBird spins, wobbles, and vibrates in the wind, creating a randomized pattern of movement and sounds that mimic wings beating, continually scaring other birds away. Plus, we added reflective material to the core of the device, which continually scatters beams of light, adding another line of defense for your property even when there is no wind.

Thus was hatched the WhirlyBird Repeller! Our WhirlyBird Repeller product has been on our boats and docks for many years, keeping the birds and the “gifts” they leave behind away.

Proudly Made In The USA

When we first began developing our product, we were told that for us to succeed, we needed to manufacture it abroad. We stubbornly refused, and we’re darn proud to say that our product is MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Proven Success

Over the years, our customers have found the WhirlyBird Repeller to be more effective than mere visual bird deterrents in safely repelling nuisance birds. Our customer base has grown significantly from boaters and homeowners to restaurants, hotels, vineyards, berry farms, egg farms, communication towers, water municipalities, electric utilities, airports and petro-chemical companies. The United States Coast Guard uses the WhirlyBird Repeller to effectively keep their navigational aides clean. The US Navy uses the WhirlyBird Repeller to keep runways and docks clear.

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