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The ReEnforcer

WhirlyBird Solutions, LLC


Hanging Bird Scare Flash Tape

Our customers have spoken, and we have listened!  Some hard to reach spaces need added protection. The ReEnforcer is hanging bird scare flash tape designed TO WORK WITH the WhirlyBird Repeller.

The movement, reflections, and sounds from the ReEnforcer constantly change randomly in the wind.  Flexible mounting options allow easy relocation and can fit in spaces where birds are hiding from the WhirlyBird Repeller.

Simply clip the ReEnforcer to a wire or hook and watch the birds fly away.  We recommend mounting the ReEnforcers 6 to 8 feet apart and within the vicinity of the WhirlyBird Repeller.  Mount close to buildings, in trees, on boats, by windows, anywhere birds are a problem.

The ReEnforcer and The WhirlyBird Repeller make a great team that keeps those nuisance birds at bay!