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WhirlyBird Repeller PRO

Recommended For Areas With Heavy Wind


Spinning Bird Repeller

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The WhirlyBird Repeller PRO is a simple, humane and effective spinning bird repeller that is used to scare and deter birds from your property. Intended for areas with higher winds, the PRO model is smaller and more durable than our BREEZE model**.

** We recommend our WhirlyBird BREEZE model for areas with lesser winds.

Multiple Lines Of Defense

If you’ve found our site, you’re likely far beyond underestimating the birds. They’re intelligent animals, and they’ll find their way onto your property—if you can’t find a way to outsmart them. Enter the WhirlyBird Repeller PRO. This spinning bird repeller employs a full arsenal of bird scaring tactics to deter birds from your home, business and other properties. Here’s how it works:

  • Predator Disguise – The WhirlyBird Repeller PRO is shaped like a peregrine falcon, a natural predator of many nuisance birds. This tells the birds they better scram, or they’ll end up being lunch.
  • Wind-Powered Movement – The WhirlyBird Repeller spins and vibrates in the wind, creating a constant, randomized pattern that keeps the birds from calling your bluff.
  • Sound – As the WhirlyBird Repeller spins, it also creates a clacking sound that mimics the sound of bird’s wings. Together with the predator shape and randomized motion, you’re well on your way to outsmarting the birds and keeping them off your property.
  • Light Show – As if the other methods weren’t enough, we’ve added a reflective core to the device, which projects reflected sunlight in a haphazard manner and keeps the birds from getting used to the device.

Key Features

The WhirlyBird is manufactured with UV resistant polycarbonate plastic that complies with Military Specification A-A-59502 for ultraviolet (UV) stabilized plastic. The PRO utilizes UV stabilized PVC pipe and stainless-steel fasteners. The PRO has been tested and can withstand category 4 hurricane force winds when properly mounted. The unit body measures 10.5”, and the wingspan measures 6”.

Parts Included With Your WhirlyBird Repeller PRO:

  • WhirlyBird Repeller Unit
  • 3/4” Diameter PVC Center Coupling
  • 14” Long ¾” Diameter PVC Pipe Extension
  • ¾“ PVC Female and Male Threaded Connectors
  • Mounting Base
  • (4) 1 ½ “ Stainless Steel Phillips-Head Screws

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Not all birds are the same. What may deter one species may not work against another. Even within the same species, birds may react differently between locations. We understand this and want to make sure you can enjoy peace of mind when shopping for our products. We offer a 45-day money back guarantee, so you can rest easy when you purchase our spinning bird repeller devices.