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WhirlyBird Bird Control Products

While some of us love to play host to our avian neighbors, offering bird feeders and bird houses on our property, there are times when birds simply aren’t welcome.  The problem for many, however, is that birds don’t get the message!  Don’t worry, we’re here to help. WhirlyBird Repeller bird control products are a low-cost, highly effective solution to your nuisance bird problems.  Take away the Welcome Mat, and put up the WhirlyBird Repeller!

A Humane, Multi-Faceted Solution

  • Randomized Movement – The WhirlyBird Repeller spins and vibrates in the wind, creating a randomized movement pattern that prevents birds from getting used to the device.
  • Predator Scare-Tactics – The WhirlyBird Repeller features a high-tech disguise.  It’s shaped like a peregrine falcon, which is a natural predator of many nuisance birds.
  • Sound Barrier – As the WhirlyBird spins in the wind, it clacks and wobbles, imitating the sound of birds’ wings beating.  This makes the peregrine falcon disguise especially convincing.
  • Flashing Light – The internal holographic post at the core of the WhirlyBird reflects and projects light in a random manner.  This continuously scares the birds away.

While you may get angry when a bird defaces your new boat or a flock of gulls pesters your customers, you likely have no desire to actually harm the birds.  The WhirlyBird Repeller offers a humane bird control solution that doesn’t harm the birds.  Instead, our devices leverage several proven bird deterrent methods to help you safely and effectively scare pest birds away.