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How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed

Posted by Julie Glass on

To bird lovers, seed can be an effective tool for attracting birds to your backyard feeders. But when birds eat your grass seed, it can lead to a host of problems that mean trouble for your landscape. This creates a unique challenge: you want to keep birds from eating grass seed, so you can have a healthy and vibrant lawn—but you can’t always be there to shoo them away.

So how do you prevent birds from eating grass seed in a safe, humane way? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed

bird on grass

While it’s possible to get out and shoo the birds yourself, this isn’t a realistic option. Keeping birds from eating grass seed requires the following:

  • Remove all feeders/food sources well before you put grass seed down. We have seen some sources suggest that you can keep birds from eating your grass seed by creating a dedicated area for them to feed, like a bird feeder positioned away from your grass. But this will only attract more birds, and ultimately, it will be more difficult to scare the birds from your property.
  • Cover the grass seed. Covering the seed or soil that you planted the seed in can help to prevent birds from eating it. Options for covering seed include mulching or applying a lawn topper.
  • Implement distractions. Shiny and/or noisy objects can help to keep the birds away. Wind chimes can be a good option for sound, while reflective objects like CDs can be hung around your property to scatter light.
  • Use bird deterrents, like lawn predators. Many birds are protected by laws that help keep populations at healthy levels. To respect the rights of the animals, you have to find a humane way to deter them from eating your grass seed. Bird deterrents and fake predators are great options for scaring birds away without harming them.

What if you could combine several of these tactics into a single device? You could save yourself plenty of time and hassle with setting up multiple implements.

Try The WhirlyBird Repeller

That’s where the WhirlyBird Repeller comes in. This humane bird deterrent combines multiple bird scaring methods within a single device. Designed to resemble a Peregrine Falcon, it mimics the natural predator of many birds who would otherwise think it safe to eat your grass seed. The device spins, clacks, wobbles and vibrates in the wind, and it reflects sunlight as well—all in a randomized pattern that keeps the birds from getting acclimated to it.

Mounted 6-8’ above ground in an area with a prevailing breeze, The WhirlyBird Repeller takes advantage of many bird species’ natural aversion to predators, sound and motion to essentially shoo them away. This is a humane solution that prevents interference with the bird population itself, directing birds to other sources of food. The result? If you use the WhirlyBird Repeller in your yard, you can keep birds from eating grass seed.

Give your grass he opportunity it needs to take hold and begin creating the full, lustrous lawn you deserve. Order the WhirlyBird Repeller today!

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