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How To Stop Birds From Nesting In Your Roof

Posted by Julie Glass on

Everyone wants birds to have a home… until they move into yours. Birds that nest in your roof can cause damage, dislodge shingles and even lead to unsightly bird droppings in hard-to-reach areas. It’s important not to interfere with bird nests that are already in place, which can be against the law. You need a safe way to keep birds from nesting in your roof without harming them. The best way to solve this problem? Think ahead. Here’s how to stop birds from nesting in your roof.

Think In Terms Of Prevention

birds on roof

If you don’t have any birds nesting on your roof, now’s the time to invest in natural ways to prevent bird nesting. Your roof is in good shape and you want to keep it that way. But if you notice that birds are slowly encroaching toward your home, it may be time to invest in a way to keep them away.

A common first step is to remove things that may be attracting birds to your property, like birdhouses and birdfeed. But this is often not sufficient. Sure, removing these items may help to reduce the amount of birds that are attracted to your home, but it won’t actually prevent the birds from nesting in your roof. If anything, it might make your roof a better place to land. Prevention means you have to find a way to deter birds from your property.

Use A Bird Deterrent To Humanely Shoo Birds

A bird deterrent like the WhirlyBird Repeller can be a great way to scare the birds away from your property without harming them. This is much more effective than simply removing things that may be attracting birds. A deterrent product is a proactive way to keep birds away. But don’t just settle for any bird decoy you can find.

The WhirlyBird Repeller is the most versatile bird deterrent on the market today, combining multiple bird scaring methods into a single device:

  • Predator-Shape & Size. The peregrine falcon shape lets the other birds know who’s boss, scaring them from your property.
  • Spins, Clacks, Vibrates. The WhirlyBird spins in the wind, mimicking the beating of wings. As it spins, it also clacks and vibrates, producing sound as an additional way to scare off unwanted birds.
  • Reflects & Scatters Sunlight. With a holographic post, the WhirlyBird reflects and scatters sunlight, disorienting birds.

The WhirlyBird does not interfere or harm birds. It is a more humane alternative to other bird nesting prevention techniques.

The Advantage Of Using WhirlyBird Repeller

Not only is the WhirlyBird Repeller better for birds—it’s better for your home, too! You don’t have to place several devices on your roof to make it effective. You simply have to place the WhirlyBird Repeller in a prominent area where birds are likely to notice. Because birds naturally move away from areas full of predators, they’ll simply move on and avoid nesting on your roof. And because this device is made to continually change, birds are less likely to adapt to it.

Want to stop birds from nesting in your roof or other areas of your property? The WhirlyBird Repeller is ready to protect your home with minimal interference. Shop now!

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