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How To Keep Birds Away From Fruit Trees

Posted by Julie Glass on

They’re sweet to look at—but you’re not the only one who thinks so. Your fruit trees can also be attractive homes and feeding grounds for migratory birds. From eating your crops to leaving droppings and causing other damage, birds can be a real problem. But harming birds or removing their nests can be against the law. If you want your fruit tree to remain undamaged and your property to be free of nuisance birds, you’ll have to think in terms of prevention. Here’s how to keep birds away from fruit trees without unlawfully interfering with them.

Provide An Alternate Food Source

Birds are like many other creatures. They’ll take food when they can get it. If they can find easier food sources nearby, it’s possible they’ll avoid your fruit trees. However, this is only a partial, short-term solution. It will only apply if you have enough landscape to divert the birds’ attention away from the fruit trees. Even so, it can work in a pinch if you have an event coming up and need to find a non-invasive way to clear your yard.

Create Distractions For The Birds

A fruit tree by itself is enticing to birds for several reasons. It provides the birds with a food source, and it also provides safe shelter. When there’s no sign that this may not be a safe place for these birds, they’ll readily land in your fruit trees and start hunting for the fruit.

Consider creating visual distractions to scare birds away. For instance, you can use tracks of flash tape to serve as streamers, especially on a windy day. These visual deterrents will create the sense that the fruit tree isn’t as hospitable as it otherwise might be, and it could deter birds from landing in the first place. Of course, it might not be as pleasant to look at for you or your guests. A less obtrusive deterrent like the WhirlyBird Repeller can be a great alternative. More on this device below.

Make Noise

If you’re holding an event, the noise from that event might be sufficient to clear the area of birds and keep them scared away. However, clearing the area before an event or for an extended period of time is another challenge altogether.

Some people use items like windchimes and other noisemakers to keep the birds at bay. But it’s important that the noise is random and varied to prevent the birds from getting used to it. If they catch on to your ruse, you’ll be stuck with them.

Try The WhirlyBird Repeller

If you’re looking for a way to keep birds away from fruit trees, you need a solution that will:

  • Work adequately when you’re not there, preventing birds from landing around the clock
  • Act as a visual deterrent to scare birds away before they land
  • Create randomized sound that will scare the birds away without allowing them to get used to it
  • Maintain the safety of the birds as well as the legality of the way in which you interact with migratory birds
  • Effectively keep birds away without causing an eyesore on your property

For a device that includes all of these bird scaring methods into a single product, try the WhirlyBird Repeller. This effective, versatile bird deterrent is designed to simulate the size, shape, motion and sound of many nuisance birds’ natural predator—the Peregrine Falcon. It spins and wobbles in the wind, reflects and scatters sunlight, and whirs and clacks as it spins, offering a triple threat to any birds that may think to land on your property.

Mount a WhirlyBird Repeller near your trees to keep birds away from your fruit trees and your entire landscape. Shop now!

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