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How To Deter Birds From Building A Nest

Posted by Julie Glass on

When you discover the nest of a migratory bird on your property, it’s already too late—you’ve got a problem. Not only are you forbidden to interfere with these birds, but it’s also against the law to move the nest itself. When you see a nest, it means that the birds have already chosen your land for nesting—which can complicate problems further. The answer is in preventing birds from nesting on your property to begin with. Here’s a quick guide on how to deter birds from building a nest on your property.

Understanding The Migratory Bird Act

According to the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, it’s illegal for citizens of the United States to interfere with the natural migration patterns of migratory birds. This refers to actions such as hunting, pursuing, capturing and tampering with protected birds or their nests. Interfering with an existing nest of a protected species is a Federal crime. That’s why it’s so important that homeowners look for safe, non-invasive ways to deter birds from building a nest.

Problems With Birds Nesting On Your Property

There are a number of reasons why homeowners would want to prevent birds from nesting on their property. These include:

  • Potential property damage. Migratory birds can inflict damage on local wildlife, home gardens, and even your home itself.
  • Noise. Frequent noise caused by migratory birds can be distracting and interfere with your home’s otherwise peaceful setting. You don’t want a new alarm clock that you can’t set.
  • Potential harm to the birds. When birds nest in your property, they may unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way—particularly if owners or landscapers aren’t aware of their presence.
  • Potential harm to eggs. A migratory bird often uses nests to protect its eggs—but nesting in an unsecure residential area can lead to unnecessary risks for these eggs.

How To Deter Birds From Nesting

Migratory birds will generally nest in areas that they perceive to be safe. And while it’s illegal to interfere with these birds and their nests, it’s perfectly legal to use safe, non-invasive ways of preventing nesting from occurring in the first place.

We’ve talked a lot in our blog about various remedies to keep birds off of your property. One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways is to invest in a versatile bird deterrent device. When searching for a quality bird deterrent, be sure to look for the following characteristics, all of which can be found in the WhirlyBird Repeller:

  • Mimics natural predators. A deterrent designed with the shape and size of a predator can naturally scare birds away from landing in the area without interfering with their migration patterns.
  • Uses wind-powered movement. Randomized motion helps to scare birds away while also preventing them from getting used to the device. Plus, because it’s powered by the wind, you won’t have to plug it in or constantly monitor it to make sure that it’s working.
  • Holographic labels. Randomly reflecting the light of the sun is another bird scaring method that is difficult for birds to get used to.
  • Safety. The device should of course be humane, preventing birds from nesting without putting them at risk for injury.

Try The WhirlyBird Repeller

The WhirlyBird Repeller is a device designed to safely and legally deter birds from building a nest by scaring them from your property in the first place. Keep your home peaceful, and keep the birds safe. Order your WhirlyBird Repeller today!

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