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How To Solve The Bird Problem In Your Warehouse

Posted by Julie Glass on

A warehouse is where business is done. It should run smoothly and safely—with minimal interference from any obstacles and issues that arise during the course of normal business. Birds are certainly unwanted guests, but it can be difficult to know what to do if they have found their way inside. Things can be especially difficult if you’re dealing migratory bird species that are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which requires very safe and non-interfering methods to solve your bird problems. Fortunately, we’ve assembled a list of tips for solving the bird problem in your warehouse.

Prevent The Problem Before It Starts

If you don’t currently have a bird problem in your warehouse, still keep reading. Prevention is crucial when it comes to bird control, as it’s much more difficult to deal with birds once they’ve already invaded. We have some tips for how to make sure that birds don’t enter these restricted areas and wreak all sorts of havoc:

  • Pay attention to eaves and awnings. In the case of swallows, for instance, you’ll notice that they have the instinct to nest in eaves and awnings. That includes the nooks and crannies of your warehouse you might not normally inspect. Make sure that you restrict access to these areas from the outside when possible. Consider using a product like bird scare tape, but do not set dangerous traps, as these may be illegal.
  • Implement automatically-closing doors. Open doors can be a major problem if you want to prevent birds from getting in. It’s far better to use automatically-closing doors in your warehouse. Doors that automatically can help to take care of additional problems, such as the scent of food attracting insects and birds.
  • Set up a visual bird deterrent. Setting up visual bird deterrents like the WhirlyBird Repeller at strategic locations outside your warehouse (especially entrances) can help to scare birds from entering it.

If You Already Have A Bird Problem


What should you do if you already have a bird problem in your warehouse? After all, it can be illegal to interfere with the birds—yet you need to find solutions that are safe and respectful to the animals, so you can continue business as usual.

  • Evaluate the situation. Is the bird interfering with work? How might you be able to keep the birds safe while you take the time to evaluate your options?
  • Consider calling a professional. To remove birds from your warehouse in a safe fashion, you may have to call pest control. They can adhere to all regulations and ensure that the birds are treated safely.

Try The WhirlyBird Repeller

Birds in your warehouse can cause safety hazards, work stoppages, and all sorts of financial problems for your company. Rather than wait for these problems to find you, it’s far better to invest in prevention.

The WhirlyBird Repeller is a leading bird deterrent on the market, combining multiple bird scaring methods into a single device:

  • Intimidates. Roughly the size and shape of a Peregrine falcon, many birds’ natural predator.
  • Moves. Spins in the wind, simulating the flutter of wings.
  • Makes Noise. Clacks, wobbles, and vibrates as it spins.
  • Reflects & Scatters Light. Its core is coated with our holographic bird scare tape, which reflects and scatters sunlight.

To help ensure that your warehouse remains free of birds, invest in a WhirlyBird Repeller today. We offer two models that are ideal for high wind speeds (PRO model) or low wind speeds (BREEZE model).

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