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The Best Bird Deterrent For Boats & Docks

Posted by Rob Turkewitz on

Some things go together well, like peanut butter and jelly, but NOT BIRDS and BOATS! Birds create an unsightly mess that can ruin finishes, cause corrosion, and create slippery surfaces on boats and docks. Rather than enjoying being on the water from the get-go, it causes many boaters to spend their valuable time cleaning up the mess.  

Birds Spread Disease

Those are the problems that are most obvious. What is not well known is that the mess birds leave behind can also pose a health risk to you, your family, and friends. Studies show that more than 60 diseases can be transferred from birds to human beings, sometimes with fatal results. Everyone's heard of avian flu or West Nile virus, but probably not histoplasmosis and Cryptococcus. For further reading, check out this article from The Occupational Health & Safety Magazine.

The best way to prevent exposure to bird borne diseases is to avoid situations where contaminated material can become aerosolized and subsequently inhaled. A brief inhalation exposure to highly contaminated fecal dust is all that is needed to contract some bird borne diseases. To learn more about bird borne diseases, prevention, and proper clean up from bird droppings, please read this important CDC article.

How To Keep Birds Off Boats

You certainly cannot be on your boat or dock 24/7 to shoo away birds. The best way to keep birds off boats is to install proven bird deterrent devices. This may take a little change in your thinking. In fact, it may require you to think like a bird! This is not meant to be derogatory, especially when you realize that birds are highly intelligent creatures

In the millions of years that birds have inhabited our planet, they have developed highly advanced instinctual mechanisms to sense and avoid dangers:

  • Birds have natural predators, such as peregrine falcons and other birds of prey, as well as snakes, and some mammals.
  • Most birds are territorial and are wired to constantly challenge and assess any potential source of danger in their territory.
  • They also have an uncanny ability to detect patterns in inanimate and animate objects.

As a bird challenges a potential source of danger, it looks for patterns. The more predictable the pattern, the more likely the bird will conclude there is no danger and become acclimated to the object. However, the more random and unpredictable the pattern, the more likely the bird will remain fearful and the less likely the bird will become acclimated.  

The Best Bird Deterrent For Boats & Docks

The developers of the WhirlyBird Repeller created this spinning bird deterrent after years of study and testing. This device has been specifically created to take advantage of the birds’ instinctual fears and behaviors.

How Does It Work?

In the size and shape of a peregrine falcon, the WhirlyBird Repeller utilizes wind and sunlight to spin, wobble, vibrate and reflect light in a random pattern that is constantly changing to prevent the birds from becoming acclimated and to provide protection from birds 24/7.  

Key Features

The WhirlyBird Repeller is the only bird repeller product that incorporates numerous constantly changing scary features, including:

  • Size and Shape of a Natural Predator - The WhirlyBird Repeller is sized and shaped like a peregrine falcon, a natural predator of many nuisance birds. This tells the bird they better scram, or they’ll end up being lunch.
  • Wind-Powered Movement - The WhirlyBird Repeller spins, wobbles, vibrates, and reflects light in the wind. Because the wind constantly changes, the WhirlyBird moves in a randomized, constantly changing pattern that keeps the birds off guard and prevents them from becoming acclimated to the device.
  • Reflects Light in All Directions - As if its other scary features weren’t enough, we’ve added reflective wings and a holographic core which reflects light in all directions in a constantly changing manner.
  • Scary Sounds - As the WhirlyBird Repeller spins, it also wobbles, creating a sound that mimics the sound of bird’s wings beating. Ever see a flock of birds in a field? As one bird flaps its wings and takes off, the other birds hear this and the entire flock takes flight. The WhirlyBird also creates a random clacking sound. Together with its predator size and shape and randomized motion, you’re well on your way to outsmarting the birds.

Order The WhirlyBird Repeller

Learn more about the WhirlyBird Repeller on our site, or visit one of our distributors:  West Marine, Haddrell’s Point Fish and Tackle, All Season’s True Value, Bird Control Australia and Animal Damage Control in Canada!

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